The Power of Partnership

What do salmon have to do with agriculture? The simplest answer is that they both utilize the same estuary - the lowland where our rivers meet the sea. Snohomish County boasts two of the most important estuaries in Puget Sound, which have served fish and farm communities for generations. 

However, these prime areas may face severe risks into the future- with increased flooding due to climate change, salmon decline from polluted runoff, and agricultural pressures from urban development. That is why Snohomish Conservation District participates with local governments, tribes, farmers, and fisheries in the Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) to work towards multi-benefit solutions for these complex issues. 

Through the power of partnership, SLS is changing the conversation between historically opposed groups, to find β€˜win-win’ scenarios that meet the diverse needs of stakeholders in the floodplain. Can we have both salmon recovery and a vibrant agricultural economy here in Snohomish County? With a little creativity and elbow grease, we’re finding that just might be possible. Learn more about this unique endeavor at


By Kate Riley, Community Engagement Program Manager | From Volume 29: Issue 1 of The Nexus