The Changemakers

In April we gathered to amplify and celebrate some of Snohomish County and Camano Island’s greatest changemakers, who are shaping our conservation landscape one action at a time. I had the great privilege of interviewing each of our award winners and left every interview feeling inspired by their stories and dedication. Preparing for the interviews and reading through the nomination statements, I found myself looking for the commonalities. These individuals and organizations were amplifying their changes- seeming to double down on their impacts, spreading ripples throughout their communities. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder how change starts? What I heard most often during my interviews is that it always starts with that first step. At times this step can seem to be nothing out of the ordinary. It could be that you install a rain barrel, start composting, or plant a small container garden. Then, that initial action can easily become the catalyst for something more, as it ripples outward, more varied as we collaborate and share with others. As we empower each other, that initial step can become much more than ever anticipated. 

I hope you take a moment to read more about these changemakers and are empowered and inspired by them to go out and make ripples in your own community.

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To get to solutions you have to understand the reality of the problem.
— Terry Williams

Lifetime Achievement

  • Scott Chase
  • Terry Williams 
  • Monte Marti

Conservation Leader

  • Brea Dormaier
  • Eric Fritch 
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church 
  • Carol McMahon 
  • Holly Small 
  • Robyn Smith
  • Qualco Energy/Werkhoven Dairy
  • Snohomish County Farm Bureau
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

Youth Conservation Leader

  • James Osborn
  • Jarrett Delfel 
  • Emily McLaughlin Sta. Maria 

By Kailyn Wentz, Design & Media Coordinator | From Volume 29: Issue 1 of The Nexus