Hula Hooping: A New Way to Learn About Transpiration

"If you’re a transpiration water drop, then you get sucked up by the roots of a tree, zoom through the trunk out to the branches, and then leave the tree through little holes on the bottom of the leaves,” Classroom Presenter, Katie Sweeney, explained as she raised her arms and popped up through a hula hoop.

Katie recently visited the 4th graders of Hillcrest Elementary through SCD’s Sound Education program to teach students about what happens to rain after it falls into a watershed. Each class learned about watersheds, transpiration, infiltration, and surface runoff through an interactive game during Part One of Sound Education’s Four Rain Drops lessons.

One of their teachers captured these awesome photos and GIFs of the game in action and shared them on Instagram for a quick sense of the kids in action.

In Four Rain Drops Part Two, students will learn about Low Impact Development solutions like rain barrels and rain gardens and use a model to test their impacts on surface runoff.

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