Our New WCC Crew is Settling in Nicely

Beautiful Woods Creek

Beautiful Woods Creek

When the weather turns cold, wet, rainy or frosty, many of us crawl under a warm blanket and resign ourselves to a season of inside fun. Our Washington Conservation Corps crew, on the other hand, gets ready to work outside and get the job done!

Here are some photos from some of their first outings around Snohomish County including some plant maintenance and live stake cutting for use in propagating trees.

Back on November 10, Snohomish Conservation District, along with 10 other districts took part in the first Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day. Our WCC crew prepped the area along Woods Creek to make it easier for the volunteers to plant the plants.

Fun Fact - The property planted on Orca Recovery Day was the last parcel within lower Woods Creek in Monroe to be planted with a riparian buffer. There is now about 4,285 linear feet of connected riparian buffer along Woods Creek, spanning across 9 parcels!