Private, Public and District Partnership Built to Solve Local Water Runoff Issue

A year ago, Snohomish Conservation District, in partnership with the City of Edmonds, created a pilot project in the Puget Sound watershed that included 6 rain gardens. After hearing about this project from neighbors and in the news, John Williams, another Edmonds resident, contacted the district about getting assistance for a constant water issue he had in his backyard each fall and winter.

Mr. Williamโ€™s site is located at the bottom of a sloped cul-de-sac and during the rainy fall and winter months, he would have streams of water running through his property. Because much of this stormwater runoff came from a public road, the City of Edmonds was also interested in helping to solve the issue.

The new rain garden ready for planting this fall.

The new rain garden ready for planting this fall.

Conservation districts have established long standing relationships with private landowners, and are in a unique position to come to the aid of city government partners that may be aware of problems in their local area.

So on this property, a three-way partnership was born.

  • The City of Edmonds completed the dig out.

  • Snohomish Conservation District covered the cost of the Vet Crew to come out and prep the site for the rain garden.

  • Mr. Williams covered the cost of the materials.

Come fall, weโ€™ll observe how this cooperative action aids in stormwater runoff management, and the streams of past winters will be a thing of the past.

Do you have a water issue in your yard? It might be worth a phone call or email to us to see about what programs may be available and possible cost share to manage those issues.