The Hardest Working Rain Garden

Rain Garden at Cascade High School

Rain Garden at Cascade High School

At Cascade High School in Everett, we installed a rain garden at the end of their large student parking lot. The students planted it in May and then we waited. Since October, once the rains returned, we have now been able to test and modify this rain garden for maximum efficiency. 

Derek Hann, our district engineer, has gone out three times to video the rain garden after he realized that it needed a tune up. And, just last week, in really heavy rains, he made another video with the water streaming in. It really does work hard!

Thanks for partnering with us, Everett Public Schools! We know that this garden is making a difference for the health of our ground water.

Below is a series of three videos demonstrating how this rain garden was designed and how it works effectively during a stormwater event. To learn more about how rain gardens work, and how you can request a site visit to determine whether or not one would work on your property, click here.


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