Quilceda Creek Apartments Get A Fresh, Flooding-Free Look

As one of the last projects our Vet Crew did before they ended their 10-month contracts, they made a mess and then cleaned it up at an low income housing complex in Marysville. The center of the complex, near their swimming pool and gazebo, was a mucky mess with long-lasting standing water during long rain storms. To help alleviate this flooding, they installed two rain gardens with vertical under drains. These under drains remove excess water, unable to be fully processed by the rain garden, and send it to the existing storm drain system. (Watch the short video below for an explanation - 1:38.)

Rain gardens are depressions created in the landscape to allow rainwater from a roof or driveway to slowly soak into the ground instead of running off into the nearest stream or Puget Sound. In this case, the water will be filtered and slowed before it reaches Quilceda Creek.

This rain garden system will aid with the extra water and costs much less than French drains or other complex systems.

Here are some photos of the construction by our Vet Crew. We're grateful for their service to us and to the land around Snohomish County.