'Living with Beavers' Workshops Well Received

Recently, Snohomish Conservation District (SCD), in partnership with Beavers Northwest, took an active stance on how landowners can work with beavers on their properties. To help educate landowners, we held a series of workshops around Snohomish County in Tulalip, Stanwood and Monroe throughout October. Almost 40 people came to these workshops. After learning about beavers and the ways they benefit the landscape, many came away inspired to work with, rather than against, the beavers living on their properties.

Some comments:

  • "Thank you for last night's presentation. It is always helpful to learn new beaver communication skills, and I really appreciated your inclusive, interactive approach to the issues. It was clear from people's responses and curiosities that your solution-oriented talk moved people towards greater respect, optimism, and possibility. Good work!"

  • "I found last night's presentation of Living with Beavers interesting, informative, and compelling. I attended it hoping to find a way to get rid of our beavers. I left thinking about the ways beavers help an environment."

The project includes financial assistance for the on-the-ground installation of certain beaver management tools, including culvert exclusion devices and pond leveler devices. It is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and runs through November 2018.

If you are seeing evidence of beavers on your property, and the changes are negatively impacting your landscape, give SCD Resource Planner Alex Pittman a call at 425-377-7013. We can provide a free site assessment and provide you with a suite of options for managing your situation. In many cases, there are ways to provide some simple fixes to keep the beaver in place, preserving the benefits they provide, while removing or reducing their impact.

Learn more about our Living with Beavers program by clicking here.