Edmonds could be getting a ‘green’ makeover

Thanks to a study funded by the Nature Conservancy and Boeing, the cities of Edmonds and Lynnwood may be getting a very ‘green’ makeover soon. The study conducted by Snohomish Conservation District, Forterra and Edmonds Community College, looked at the feasibility of incorporating Community-Based Stormwater Solutions on private and public land in the Perrinville Watershed (click on map to view larger)– projects like rain gardens, planting trees along streets, and gardens in the right-of-way that reduce flooding and pollution in local waterways. 

The results of GIS modeling coupled with homeowner surveys showed suitable sites for projects throughout the watershed that would have high environmental impact and an overwhelming community support for implementing rain gardens and trees in private yards and in the right-of-way. In fact, 89% of homeowners surveyed were interested in installing these types of practices.

On June 28th, Snohomish Conservation District and Edmonds Community College presented their findings to Edmonds City Council to encourage Councilmembers to consider recommendations for implementing community-based stormwater solutions throughout the watershed.  If the recommendations are followed, Edmonds could earn the reputation of being one of the leading pioneers for stormwater pollution reduction in the Puget Sound region and nationally.

Interested in learning more? Read the full GIS Report and the EdCC Homeowners Report.

Edmonds Community College students Grace Coale and Blake Caldwell survey homeowner in Perrinville Creek Watershed.