Jackson High Sustainable Landscape Earns Recognition

From Bare Soil to Sustainable Beauty - Students Transform their schoolyard

In the pouring rain, on Thursday, October 13th a group of students from Jackson High School's Green Team finished a year-long project to transform a large compacted area of soil into a beautiful, sustainable garden.

The vision for the project was set in motion last February when the extracurricular group met to prioritize goals for the coming year. Students expressed interest in beautifying their campus with native gardens that could become an example for other homeowners in the area. Too often non-native ornamental plants and lawns are at the forefront of homeowners minds when they think of a beautiful yard. However, sustainable can be beautiful, too. 

Students worked with Snohomish Conservation District's staff to make their vision a reality. Together, they identified a suitable area on campus, then tested the soil, took measurements, researched native plants and designed a planting plan. Because of their actions, Jackson High School earned recognition as a Certified Green School Yard through Washington Green Schools, and Mill Creek's Sustainable Landscape Certification Program. The City of Mill Creek provided grant funding to help pay for project supplies.

In the end, the student-led project was a huge success! Over 25 students and staff participated in the planting party. Students celebrated by posing, hands-in the air, with their Sustainable Landscape sign.