Teachers and Students Tackle Stormwater Pollution

An outstanding group of twenty teacher and student leaders gathered at a 3-day training to learn about one of the most pressing environmental concerns in Western WA: Stormwater Pollution. This group worked across curriculum teams to develop Project Based Learning Units that will empower students to research local stormwater issues and then take action in their communities to reduce the impact of pollution in waterways. 

Some teacher/student teams planned school-year curriculum activities such as local water quality monitoring, student research- followed by presentations to city council members, rain garden implementation on campus, design of water filtration systems,  tree planting, and more! We are certainly excited to see the progress of these projects over the course of the 2015-16 school year. 

Peter Donaldson of Sustainability Ambassadors was a guest facilitator of the workshop, who coached teachers and students as they collaborated to plan their units.  He has hosted similar workshops in King County, with positive results. 

Teachers and students in attendance were from Sky Valley Academy and Park Place Middle School in Monroe, and Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek .

To learn more about how we can help your school address stormwater pollution and to involve your students in local hands-on community projects, Contact laura(at)snohomishcd.org | (425) 377-7018.