Monte Marti

Every generation has a few individuals who embody a spirit of selflessness and who pour their whole being to making their community a better place to live. Monte is one of those few individuals and Snohomish County is blessed to have him tirelessly working for us.
— Tristan Klesick, Klesick Farms

Monte has been affiliated with and a driver for Snohomish Conservation District for close to four decades. He is our greatest champion and an avid conservationist who is passionate about Washington State’s natural resources, and particularly our farming heritage.

Monte has been SCD's District Manager since 2010. Before becoming the manager, he served for 25 years as a volunteer Board Supervisor at the District, a volunteer for the Washington Association of Conservation Districts for 16 years and on the WACD Plant Material Center Advisory Board. Before joining the District Board in 1985, Monte was a technician with the District in the early 80’s, just as the Centennial Clean Water funds were coming into place to help fund water quality incentives and technical service to farmers.  Monte brings 25 years of business management experience at Verizon Communications. He has a Master’s Degree in Agriculture Economics (Natural Resources emphasis) from Washington State University and was raised on a crop and dairy farm in the Columbia Basin in Eastern Washington.

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