Barbara Brock

Keeping water in our rivers and caring for our lakes.
— Barbara Brock's better ground reason

Barbara has valued the outdoors since she was a child. Kayaking introduced her to the shoreline and river processes, and the efforts to protect them, which led her to ever-increasing involvement in watershed management and salmon recovery. On Camano Island, she has served on the Island County Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC) since it formed in 1999 and serves on the Salmon Technical Advisory Group. She was and continues to be instrumental in monitoring and protecting Kristoferson Creek, one of the few salmon-bearing streams on Camano Island.  

In addition, she is an active Beach Watcher and member of Friends of Camano Island Parks, and not only educates the community as a naturalist but participates in trail maintenance and noxious weed removal on a regular basis. Barbara gives to the community in ways too numerous to mention in a short biography.  Suffice it to say that her contributions are felt by those all around the region, and we think she is remarkable.

Barbara poses in the forest with a basket of chanterelle mushrooms.