Jim Eichner

The more we give to the health of the soil and water, the more it is able to give back to us.
— Jim Eichner
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Food banks serve as a vital distributor of food, but getting the freshest produce is a challenge. Father Jim Eichner started Food Bank Farm to address this challenge and has a goal to donate a million pounds of produce by 2021. Jim, himself a volunteer, attracts 1,500 additional volunteers each year including corporate volunteers, seniors, and kids, and everyone in between. Tasks are divided up among volunteer groups. Some may plant squash seeds, another group cares for them throughout the growing season, and another group harvests them. Jim always says to his volunteers, “Not only will you be helping feed those in need, but you will also be feeding your own soul in the process.” Our former Lawns to Lettuce Program Coordinator, Cameron Coronado said, “Jim has dedicated his life to helping those in need. SCD is committed to serving residents of Snohomish County. This partnership will only continue to bring positive change to Snohomish County.”

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