Brian Orr & Lori Bailey

We are 60 years old, not without a few challenges, and we have lived in suburban/urban environments for most of our lives – illustrating that anyone can become a conservationist and make a meaningful difference on any scale, large or small.
— Brian Orr & Lori Bailey

Since purchasing their property, Brian and Lori have performed extensive work to ‘clean it up’ as well as restore the natural habitat that was degraded by previous owners. They took a holistic approach to their restoration activities, making their property not only pleasant to view but functional for native species of plants and animal habitat. They eliminated invasive species, planted an extensive native habitat, and reforested portions of the property. They also manage runoff and their chickens so well that their neighbor and SCD Board Supervisor Adam Farnham, says “No feathers, no smell, no rodents. All very well done!”

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