Where is Woods Creek?

Woods Creek flows from the Lake Roesiger area south toward the City of Monroe, where it empties into the Skykomish River. This creek is one of the best salmon-producing streams in Snohomish County, but salmon runs have been decreasing in past years because high water temperatures, lots of fine sediment, and a lack of large pieces of wood in the creek are threatening their existence.  View map here. 

What's the problem?

Woods Creek is one of these highest priority streams in the Snohomish River watershed for salmon, yet these fish are struggling due to impaired stream conditions. A loss of trees along the banks to shade the stream has led to increased water temperatures in the summer, temperatures that are so high they stress juvenile salmon that are feeding and foraging in the stream. In addition, Woods Creek has suffered from fecal coliform levels that are also too high during the summer months, making the stream unsafe for human contact. Fecal coliform comes from livestock manure, failing septic systems, pet waste, and wildlife.

What's being done to help Woods Creek?

Neighbors all along Woods Creek, with help from the Snohomish Conservation District, have been pitching in to restore it and save the salmon that call it home.  In the past five years, eleven landowners have worked with the Conservation District to plant native trees along the creek on their properties totaling 17 acres of trees along the stream! Seven more landowners just signed up for the same in 2016 which will bring our total to 27 acres! These trees will keep water temperatures cooler for fish, slow streambank erosion and keep pollutants from reaching the water.

Funding Available for More Tree Planting

The Conservation District currently has funding to plant one additional acre, which will bring the total to 28 acres, but we are working hard to bring in additional funding for more planting to help us reach the 45 acre goal. If you own property along Woods Creek and would like to know more about this project or how you can become part of it, please contact Cindy Dittbrenner at 425-377-7005 or cindy@snohomishcd.org(at)

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