A new focus on Triangle Cove and the surrounding landscape will eventually help residents, wildlife, and the Cove's aquatic life.

The Triangle Cove watershed makes up one of the largest drainage basins on Camano Island. Kristoferson Creek, which provides habitat for salmon, is the primary drainage feature flowing into Triangle Cove.

The watershed includes areas like Camaloch, Camaloch Golf Course, Camano Hills, Camano Plaza, Barnum Point and vicinity. View map of watershed.

So, is there a problem with Triangle Cove?

The short answer is yes. The Department of Ecology’s 303(d) impaired waters list identifies Kristoferson Creek as exceeding water quality parameters for fecal coliform bacteria, pH, and dissolved oxygen. The privately held tidelands in Triangle Cove are currently unclassified by the State Department of Health for shellfish harvest. Island County was awarded a National Estuary Program grant that focuses on water quality improvements in the Triangle Cove area.

What is being done?

  • The sources of bacteria are being identified.
  • Classes on rain gardens, sustainable gardening, and rain barrels are offered along with farm tours.
  • Septic inspections and compliance monitoring are on-going.

Need further assistance?

For septic issues, call Kathleen Parvin at Island County:

Phone: 360-387-3443 ext. 240

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