Many of us strive for a perfect lawn - with too much water, fertilizer, and time on the weekends. By practicing the 5 steps of Natural Yard Care, you can not only achieve a yard that is lush and low maintenance, but one that is safe for families, pets, wildlife, and Puget Sound. Check out more resources at  

5 steps to natural yard care graphic courtesy of Puget sound Partnership

The 5 Steps of Natural Yard Care

  1. Build healthy soil
  2. Plant right for your site
  3. Practice smart watering
  4. Think twice before using pesticides
  5. Practice natural lawn care

Healthy Soils Program

A beautiful lawn and garden starts with healthy soil. Without a soil test, it is hard to guess what nutrients your soil may need - so many times we over-apply product, and still don't get the results we desire. Start with the basics, and build your soil health a more lush and resilient landscape. 

Our Healthy Soils program serves both experienced and new gardeners in Snohomish County and Camano Island. 

For homeowners that need an extra hand and are willing to take steps towards Natural Yard Care or Reduction of Lawn, SCD can provide:

  • 2 Free soil tests (valued at $80) with interpretation of results and recommendations
  • 2 Free consultations by a landscape professional            

If you already practice Natural Yard Care techniques, or would like to test a raised garden bed, you can simply bring your soil sample into our Lake Stevens office and we will send you the results. Email to arrange a time to drop your soil off for testing, and be sure to view our Soil Sampling Guide.

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