Are you tired of the maintenance of a lawn? Do you want to learn how to grow food? The Lawns to Lettuce program may be for you!

Did you know that lawn irrigation accounts for almost half of homeowner water usage in the U.S. and studies show that homeowners use up to ten times more chemical pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on crops!

The goal of Lawns to Lettuce is to encourage landowners to convert a portion of their lawn to grow edibles in a way that builds healthy soil, protects pollinators, minimizes pesticide use, reduces runoff and conserves water.

Get Involved!

  •  Join us at one of our upcoming Lawns to Lettuce workshops.
  • Send us photos of your projects! If you’ve replaced a portion (or all) of your lawn with edibles, your example can help encourage others.  Email or call 425-377-7024.

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