Environmental Competition for High School Students

The Washington State Envirothon is an annual natural resources competition in which high school youth demonstrate their knowledge and problem-solving skills on the topics of aquatic ecology, forestry, soils/land use, and wildlife. Regional competitions take place throughout the state in the spring of each year, and the state competition is held in mid-May.  The Washington State Envirothon champion team wins the opportunity to travel to the NCF Envirothon to compete against other winning teams from the United States and Canada. 

The fun and competitive spirit of Envirothon motivates students to learn about real-world environmental problems and solutions. Today's Envirothon students will become tomorrow's leaders in stewarding Washington State's natural resources.

2018 NW Envirothon - Now Enrolling Teams!

Get your team of 5 to 6 high school students together now and join us for a fun and challenging competition!

  • Competition Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2018

  • Location: Brightwater Education Center, Woodinville

  • Questions? Contact lois@snohomishcd.org | (425) 377-7020

Envirothon 2018 Theme: Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views

Western rangelands include prairies and grasslands, sagebrush steppes, and woodland areas.  Rangelands comprise more than 40% of the total productive land base in the western U.S.  Rangelands sustain an abundance of forage for both livestock and wildlife, as well as providing aesthetic beauty enjoyed by many.  Rangeland resources are a critically important ecosystem component of the western US landscape and are a vital economic factor for many agricultural producers. 

2018 Rangeland Study Guide

Western rangeland management objectives include grazing, timber harvest, recreational uses (including hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.) and mining. Read more here...

Key Topics:

  1. Grazing is a popular tool in western rangeland management. How can this tool be used to help manage the ecosystem?
  2. What can management strategies help to reduce the spread and impact of noxious weeds?
  3. How can western rangeland management have a positive impact on fire suppression, and how can the lack of management be a negative impact on fire suppression?
  4. How can western rangeland management be used to maintain a balanced plant community to support livestock, sage grouse, as well as other wildlife and land uses?
  5. How can rangeland managers balance livestock production (grazing) with the maintenance of water quality?
  6. How can stakeholders with different values and opinions improve communication and working relationships to develop improved rangeland management strategies?

Basic Eligibility Info:

  • Team members must be registered in grades 9-12 for the current school year.
  • Teams must consist of five members from the same school, home school group, or local organization-  community clubs welcome, too!  

  • For more information about preparing for the competition, please visit the King Conservation District (KCD) Envirothon page.

  • An adult advisor must accompany teams and is responsible for the behavior of team members during meals, free time and other times not related to testing or preparation for competition.

  • The Regional Competition is held on a weekday. Teams will need to get an excused absence from school to participate in this all day science competition.

  • If your team advances, please note that the State Competition will be held at Conconully Bible Camp (near Omak / Okanogan) from May 23rd - May 24th, 2018.

  • The North American Competition will be held at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho from July 22nd - 26th, 2018.

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