Backyard Habitat


Planting for the Birds Fact Sheet

What is the easiest way to attract birds? Put a feeder out and hope they will show up? Yes, that does attract birds. Imagine, though, what would happen if you planted trees and shrubs specifically for the birds? Not only would your yard benefit from the shade, erosion prevention, seasonal color, and aesthetic value, but birds and wildlife can reap many rewards as well.


Garden for Wildlife Website | National Wildlife Federation

Wildlife needs our help. Human activity has changed and eliminated habitat, locally, and on the global scale, and birds, butterflies and other wildlife are pushed into ever-shrinking wilderness areas.

You can make a difference. You can invite wildlife back to your own yard and neighborhood by planting a simple garden that provides habitat. Imagine your garden teeming with singing songbirds, colorful butterflies, flitting hummingbirds, and other small wildlife.


Increase your Backyard Bounty Fact Sheet

If you have ever tried to grow or maintain anything green here in Western Washington, at one time it has sadly probably died on you. Let’s be honest, shall we? It’s a rite of passage for the flower, fruit or vegetable gardener to accidentally have a plant not make it, or have your prized blueberries not produce much, or have most of the zucchini flowers fall off, leaving you with only a few puny zukes. Sometimes it’s the weather, and sometimes it’s us.