As part of an effort to improve water quality, fish habitat, and agricultural viability in the Skagit Bay and South Skagit Flats, several agencies have been working to identify and improve sources of pollution.

Where is South Skagit Flats?

South Skagit Flats is the portion of the Skagit Watershed that is located in Snohomish County, adjacent to Skagit Bay. View map of watershed

What’s the problem in South Skagit Flats?

South Skagit Bay is on the Department of Ecology’s 303(d) List of impaired waters for fecal coliform bacteria contamination, and water quality monitoring in the area has identified that the freshwater streams feeding into the bay are contributing to the contamination in the bay. These problems are present along Douglas Creek and the South Skagit Flats freshwater streams where too little shade, nutrient pollution, and high concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria threaten shellfish, aquatic wildlife, and human health. 

What’s being done to clean up Skagit Bay?

The Snohomish Conservation District is currently working to restore streamside habitat and improve water quality in the South Skagit Flats area. We are working with landowners throughout South Skagit Flats to plant trees, fence livestock out of streams and wetlands, and implementing farm Best Management Practices to reduce nutrient and bacterial pollution. 

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