Resources: Lawns to Lettuce

Smart Watering

Practicing efficient watering techniques can help you save money while conserving water through the growing season. In this fact sheet you'll learn about drip irrigation, proper sprinkler settings, and more!


Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving garden. Learn how to build your soil fertility naturally to boost your production.


Learn how to create healthy soil and productive gardens with our Know Your Soils Kit.


Managing Pests, Weeds & Plant Diseases Naturally

Managing garden pests can be a challenge. Natural pest, weed and disease control is a vital part of gardening. 


Information about Pollinators

Our 2018 Annual Plant Sale's theme was pollinators. Our youth education manager put together a bountiful list of resources about pollinators from our site and other's websites. Enjoy learning about our helpful food enhancing friends!


Composting Food and Yard Waste

Compost your food scraps and yard waste to create incredibly fertile compost.


Sheet Mulching

Sheet mulching (sometimes called lasagna gardening) is a method that eliminates weeds or sod while revitalizing your soil. It’s a permaculture technique that mimics the natural conditions found on the forest floor where layers of fallen leaves and other vegetative material create rich forest β€˜duff.’