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Here is an opportunity to make improvements on your property – and help to get those improvements paid for! These high priority areas include Woods Creek, Lower Skykomish, Snohomish River and Stillaguamish River basins. If you live in or own property within a high priority area for this funding source, you are likely eligible to receive these funds. The types of projects we help fund not only improve the health of your soil, protect water, and encourage wildlife, they also help you manage mud and manure, promote healthy animals, and can increase forage yields in your pastures. The reason we’re so excited is that we can now combine federal grant dollars we receive with state funds into a package to remove some of the financial burden of making land improvements. Improving the quality of the land benefits both you as a private landowner and the general public.

Stillaguamish Map

Stillaguamish Map

Snohomish map

Snohomish map

Am I eligible for funding?


Incentive payments for conservation practices including Ag BMPs and fish passage barrier removal can cover up to 90% of costs.

For example: 


Producer and landowner participants can include but are not limited to crop farmers, dairies, berry operations, beef cattle producers, and horse owners. These farms vary in size from large dairies with several hundred acres, to small producers with five acres.


Focused efforts on agriculture producers in the floodplain of the lower Stillaguamish River and Snohomish River upstream of the estuary and into the Skykomish River basin.


This is a new way of providing regional conservation planning to help landowners find the best conservation solutions and combination of funding sources to meet their individual conservation goals, while providing enhanced financial incentives to support the implementation of conservation practices and projects. NRCS Chief Jason Weller says, "RCPP puts our partners in the driver's seat. Projects are led locally, and demonstrate the value of strong public-private partnerships that deliver solutions to natural resource challenges."

How do I learn more or sign up?

Contact Eric Schuh at the Snohomish Conservation District

425-377-7026 or eschuh(at)snohomishcd.org