Many of us strive for a perfect lawn - with too much water, fertilizer, and time on the weekends. By practicing the 5 steps of Natural Yard Care, you can not only achieve a yard that is lush and low maintenance, but one that is safe for families, pets, wildlife, and Puget Sound. Check out more resources at  

5 steps to natural yard care graphic courtesy of Puget sound Partnership

The 5 Steps of Natural Yard Care

  1. Build healthy soil

  2. Plant right for your site

  3. Practice smart watering

  4. Think twice before using pesticides

  5. Practice natural lawn care

Check out our Know Your Soils booklet and learn how you can test your own soil. 

Remember, every garden is different. This booklet is your introduction to soil testing and using amendments to build healthy soil. Experiment with your garden, keep a journal, and observe over time which practices work and which ones do not. Good luck and happy experimenting!

Five Easy Steps to Natural Yard Care

Download the Natural Yard Care guide to learn how to put these steps into practice. This guide provides a handy calendar for you to follow each season. 

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