Salmon Stream sign signifying church creek as the salmon stream

Where is Church Creek?

Church Creek is a tributary to the Old Stillaguamish Channel. It's home to several species of salmon, provides recreational opportunities, and contributes water to Port Susan, a shellfish harvest area.

What's the problem with Church Creek?

Loss of forest cover in the Church Creek watershed has resulted in a variety of water quality problems and has limited salmon recovery in the Stillaguamish basin. Church Creek is currently on the Department of Ecology’s 303(d) list of impaired waters for dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform bacteria contamination. Low levels of dissolved oxygen are caused by a lack of streamside forest and are harmful to fish and aquatic creatures. Fecal coliform bacteria contamination is caused by human, pet, and animal waste, and can make water unsafe for swimming, recreation, and shellfish harvest.

What’s being done to clean up Church Creek?

The Snohomish Conservation District will restore riparian habitat and improve water quality in the Church Creek basin. We plan to restore 7 acres of prioritized riparian forest, install 2,500 feet of fence, prioritize stormwater problems and target outreach to those areas, and implement farm Best Management Practices to reduce nutrient and bacterial pollution.  We hope to increase awareness and build a sense of community within the basin that will promote long-term water quality benefits through stewardship.  

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