Lois Ruskell | Public Relations Coordinator

Contact Lois at lois@snohomishcd.org or 425-377-7020

Lois has been with the district since 1989, she originally started out as a dairy technician and planner but is now our Public Relations Coordinator. Lois is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to outreach in Snohomish County.  Lois has a BS in Ag Industry from Arizona State University, is a graduate of the AgForestry Leadership program, class 30 and holds a certificate in social marketing. She has also co-managed a sports park, worked with the Extension Service in two states, managed a 5 million dollar watershed project in the prairie pothole area of the Midwest, and was an Ag Fellow at the University of Minnesota.

Photo of Lois with Ranger Rick

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

Cycling, running, gardening, concerts, going to the beach and visiting other great northwest travel sites! I also appreciate the lack of bugs, humidity, blizzards, tornados, and scorching hot summers (aka Minnesota).

Why do you work here (at the District)?

Love working with people who work the land and understand that we need to protect this beautiful area. I also enjoy being near mountains, forests, the ocean and the Salish Sea.

Bonus fact!

  • Owned and co-managed a 200 acre dairy farm with 400 additional acres of crops in Minnesota....and yes, I can breed cows, run a milking parlor, keep a sick calf alive, feed a haying crew, and use a hair dryer to start a stubborn tractor when its 40 below.