Kailyn Wentz | Design & Media Coordinator

Contact Kailyn at kailyn@snohomishcd.org or 425-377-7016

Kailyn is the Design & Media Coordinator, she started at the District in 2011 as our AmeriCorps Education and Outreach Assistant. She transitioned to her current position in 2012 and brings 10+ years of experience strategizing innovative social media, marketing, and creative communication campaigns as a designer, content manager, creative lead and educator. She holds a BS in both, Integrated Media and Exercise Science from Pacific University.

Picture of Kailyn on bridge with camera

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

Everything! This place is just magic, you're surrounded by water and green. There is never a shortage to adventure possibilities.

Why do you work here (at the District)?

I love brainstorming innovative solutions to outreach problems and it's inspiring to work with a great bunch of people who are excited about what they do.

Bonus fact!

  • I love kayaking, and if we're getting specific- sea kayaking!
  • Crows are one of my favorite creatures.