David Jackson | Community Conservation Resource Specialist

Contact David at djackson@snohomishcd.org or 425-377-7015.

David is the District's Community Conservation Resource Specialist. He graduated from University of Washington, Bothell in Environmental Studies (Sustainability Focus) with a Minor in Restoration Ecology.
He also has studied Wetland Science and Management from University of Washington, as well as Grant Writing and Management. He was born in Wichita, Kansas, and has lived out west in Edmonds, and now Everett.

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

The diversity of landscapes. Just go a few hours in any direction and you're somewhere completely new. We have old growth rain forests, peat bogs, deserts, mountains, estuaries, cities, and agricultural land all in one state.

Why do you work here (at the District)?

Everyone here cares about service. Some of the smartest and most dedicated people are in one place, just wanting to make a difference for their neighbors.

Bonus fact(s)!

  • I did research on cleaning surface water using mushrooms.