New Resource Planner Joins our Team to Help Horse and Livestock Owners

Michael Hipp joined the staff of Snohomish Conservation District in March to lead the District’s Sound Horsekeeping program and assist landowners with livestock and farm management. A native Texan, Michael built and managed a horse ranch for many years north of Amarillo. There, Hipp trained and traded ranch horses and rehabilitated horses seized by law enforcement due to neglect or abuse. He holds degrees in both Chemistry and Biological Sciences, with an Animal Science & Nutrition emphasis, and taught Biological and Animal Sciences at his alma mater, Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

His passion is to “share his knowledge and experience of good horse keeping practices with everyone so that not only is the ecology of our beautiful home here preserved, but also so that the relationship a horse owner has with their horse can be improved. I enjoy seeing those things come together where everyone benefits, and the horse and owner can enjoy a wonderful experience together”.

Michael can assist farm owners with mud, manure, pasture and stormwater management issues. To contact Michael for a free farm visit, email or call 425-377- 7019.