Where is Tychman Slough?

Located south of Sultan where Mann Road and Ben-Howard Road intersect, Tychman Slough is connected on both ends to the Skykomish River and includes two tributaries: Haystack Creek and May Creek. This important slough provides spawning and rearing habitat for Chinook (King), Coho (Silver), Pink, and Chum Salmon as well as steelhead, cutthroat, and rainbow trout. 

The Challenge

Reduced streamside vegetation has caused the water temperatures in the slough to increase, making it too warm for juvenile fish to survive. This forces them to venture out into the big river before they are strong enough to fight the current and evade predators. In 2009, a slough enhancement study was conducted and identified streamside vegetation as extremely important to the health of the slough. The study identified 29 acres of streamside plantings, 20,000 feet of fencing and 34 acres of invasive species control along the slough. The Tychman Slough Grant is the first step in this enhancement process. 

What can be done?

Plant native trees and shrubs. Native vegetation holds banks in place, provides raw materials for insects, which are important for juvenile fish to feed on, and directly reduces solar heating on water, keeping the streams cool all summer long. 

The Tychman Slough Riparian Enhancement Grant, funded by the Washington Department of Ecology, will control invasive species on at least 6.5 acres, plant at least 6.5 acres of streamside vegetation, install 2000 feet of fencing, and install 1-3 off-stream livestock watering systems. Additionally the grant is conducting educational workshops, farm tours and offers free site visits for the areas along the Skykomish river between the cities of Monroe and Gold Bar.

For more information contact Ryan Williams at 425-377-7002 or rwilliams(at)snohomishcd.org.

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