Ashley Shattuck | Restoration Project Coordinator (WCC)

Contact Ashley at ashattuck(at) or 425-377-7025

Ashley is our Washington Conservation Corps. Restoration Project Coordinator. Ashley attended the University of Washington Bothell and majored in Environmental Studies with a minor in restoration through the UWREN program. In 2015 she was a Washington Conservation Corps. restoration crew member for Snohomish Surface Water Management. Ashley volunteers with Friends of North Creek Forest, a restoration and conservation group active in protecting an urban forest in Bothell. On Saturdays you can always find her at the UW Bothell Herbarium, where she acts as a lead volunteer and shares her enthusiasm for plants with others.

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

I love being able to visit so many different ecosystems from the nearshore to the alpine there is so much to see!

Why do you work here (at the District)?

I am thrilled to be a part of an amazing team that is looking at the bigger picture of how to protect our natural resources from farming to fish.

Bonus fact!

  • I actually don't mind being stuck in traffic getting on US 2 eastbound in Everett- you can see the Cascade range from Baker to Rainier!