Allison Bachner | Restoration Project Assistant (WCC)

Contact Allison at or 425-377-7025

Allison is the District’s Restoration Project Assistant with the Washington Conservation Corps. She graduated from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, with a degree in Environmental Studies. After graduating, she moved to Washington, where she worked a year implementing habitat restoration in projects throughout Puget Sound region with Earthcorps. Before joining the District, she also spent time working with United Way of King County, schools throughout the county, and on a small vegetable farm in Snohomish.

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

Being from the east coast, I was floored by the expansive wilderness and natural areas throughout the Pacific Northwest. It’s wet. We have evergreen forests. And, our location nestled in between the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains! I don’t know if I could ever leave!

Why do you work here?

I’m excited to be a part of the Snohomish Conservation District because we get to work with people throughout the county who really care about protecting our natural resources. And, I know, that it’s their work and dedication to this region that will make our goals achievable.

Bonus fact!

  • I’m a twin

  • I first came to Washington state for a Badminton Junior Nationals tournament

  • I love ice cream...too much