Lawns to Lettuce Success Stories

Here are some Lawns to Lettuce inspiration-inducing gardens. People around Snohomish County and Camano Island have transformed their yards to create beautiful, food-producing landscapes. Click below to view video (1:20).


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Conservation district trimming lawns out for sustainable yards - Monroe resident hosts Lawns to Lettuce project showcase; anyone can sign up at minimal cost - Kelly Sullivan at Monroe Monitor

“I plan to be in it for good,” [Dianna] Atterbury said. “I want to grow my own food. I will definitely be giving away the abundance.”"

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Bothell neighbors plant seeds for vegetables and community - Residents of 13th Place started a community garden in a neighborhood project - Kailan Manandic at Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

“Everybody is genuinely excited about growing this garden that we’re growing together,” [Denise] Tarter said. “One of the neighbors brought over a head of broccoli from their garden the other day and that’s awesome, I wouldn’t have known [them] a year ago and now [they’re] bringing me homegrown broccoli.”

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Lawns to Lettuce Success Story: Terry Myer

Stats: Terry grew and donated 2,055 pounds of produce in the first year after converting part of her lawn to edible garden beds.

"After attending SCD's Lawns to Lettuce workshop I was HOOKED!  It was so easy to grow food instead of grass. The experts at SCD had answers for every question and solutions to my excuses." -Terry Myer | Marysville WA resident

And now, Terry is getting positive feedback from her class attendees.

Regarding the Lawns to Lettuce Fall & Winter Gardening Prep class, "I was totally impressed with this class. The presentation was easy to understand, yet supplied a ton of information and resources. She [Terry] made beginning gardening less overwhelming and so much easier to understand. I'm so excited to begin my own gardening even though I have a very small area to use. I currently use the food bank, so this will make things much easier on me as well and fresher vegetables. Thanks so much for having these classes available to the community. Such a great resource. Love love love the idea."  - Karen Groff Hendricks.

Keep up with Terry's gardening, be encouraged, and find out when she's teaching Lawns to Lettuce classes by liking her Down to Earth Facebook page. And, check out this video from the successful Eagle Ridge Community Garden in Lake Stevens. It's thrilling to watch it grow.