October 2016 marked the beginning of the new Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) crew year. The Snohomish Conservation District has been partnering with the WCC since 2013 to contract a 6 person crew to implement riparian restoration projects and construct rain gardens throughout Snohomish County.

The WCC is a state-wide job training program for young adults aging from 18-25, and military veterans of all ages, that provides hands on experience in the environmental field. These corps members are AmeriCorps volunteers that receive an education award upon finishing their year of service. They can either use this award to attend an accredited post-high school institution, or pay on their school loans if they have already completed a program. 

These 6 corps members will be out in the wet, cold, and windy weather all winter planting several of the Snohomish Conservation Districts stream restoration projects. By the end of next September, they will have contributed to over 20 acres of riparian planting and invasive maintenance, as well as constructed 15-20 rain gardens throughout Snohomish County. The WCC is a great program for young adults interested in the environmental field, and the Snohomish Conservation District is proud to be partnering with them to accomplish its urban and habitat projects. 

Crew Sightings

Learn more about our crew and see where they've been sighted.