Steering Committee

This Steering Committee is comprised of 11 Snohomish County farmers representing various types, sizes, and locations of farms; they will be representing the farming community and guiding the overall development of the Plan.


  Kari Quaas

Kari Quaas

Members Include:

  • Brian Bookey, Cherry Lane Farms
  • Libby Reed, Orange Star Farm
  • Jeff Ellingsen, SCD Board Member and Farmer
  • Nick Pate, Raising Cane Ranch
  • Dan Bartelheimer, Sno Valley Farm
  • Jeremy Visser, dairy farmer
  • Darren Carleton, Carleton Farms
  • Chelsea Johansen, RainySunday Ranch
  • Spencer Fuentes, Hazel Blue Acres
  • Andrew Albert, Andrew's Hay
  • Leah Werkhoven, Werkhoven Dairy


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Funding provided by: NOAA, Stillaguamish River Lead Entity, ESRP, and Floodplains by Design